Deep Dive I

YEAR BUILT  - Completed  in 1989, with over 12 years of design, research and developement at a cost of over $300,000.00.

DIVE MISSIONS off the east coast of the United States, south Florida, the Keys, the Gulf and Caribbean (Currently in warehouse storage)

DEPTH - 1,000 Feet approximately (unmanned hull to3,000 feet, as designed)

LENGTH - 23 ft .

BEAM    -  9ft 10"

WEIGHT  -  12,000 lbs

SURFACE SPEED - 8 Knot approximately 

SURFACE RANGE  - approximately 400 MILES on diesel power

UNDERWATER  RANGE  - approximately 25 MILES with new batteries

VIEWING PORTS - 14   9 inch ports  1 1/2"  thick, plus 1  3" port (top hatch cover)

SNORKEL TUBE - 2" Diameter with splash protector (30" height above top hatch)
Provides cabin ventilation for running on or just below the surface.

FORWARD looking sonar transducer-Sitex video model AVS107

DEPTH sonar transducer-Sitex video model AVS107

VHF Radio - Raytheon Ray 45

Realistic TRC414  40 channel CB/PA

MAGNETIC Compass 60" Tower for azimuth #314 electronic digital compass, equipped

Hand Held Cabin Spotlight, also Auxiliary fitting for mounting remote external spotlights

4 Bright White cabin lights, and 4 Soft Red cabin low light.

HYDROPHONE piezol ceramic sound listening system, to detect traffic (sound) in the vicinity of the sub.

SUB LOCATOR FLOAT RELEASE SPOOL - used to identify the bottom position of the sub or the item search location,  and/or deploy communications.

UNDERWATER  HATCH - Bottom hatch allows swim out when cabin pressure is increased

HYDRAULIC CONTROLLED RETRACTABLE SUPPORT LEGS will allow sub to sit on bottom and provides over 38 inch of clearance for bottom hatch swim out.

SURFACE PROPULSION  - 22 HP  Yanmar   3 cylinder diesel

UNDERWATER PROPULSION -  2 -  8 HP  series wound, 60 volt electric traction motors (Counter Rotating)

40 GALLON Bladder Fuel Tank in a 12 cu. ft. external holding compartment, with 14" x 20" access cover (holding compartment can also be used for a wet storage area on missions when diesel fuel is not required.)

2 - DIVING PLANES, 1 Forward and 1 Aft.

FORWARD HYDRAULIC DIVING PLANE  could be retrofitted for item recovery and lifting platform also for recovery arm and vacuum specimen attatchment.

TOW HOOK with release from inside the sub.

4 - 2000 POUND CAPACITY LIFT BAG COMPARTMENTS (2 Forward, 2 Aft) with inside control. Lift Bag Supplier, The Carter Lift Bag Corp. WA.

DROP WEIGHT TRAY with release from inside the sub. (produces positive buoyancy)

LIFE SUPPORT - 4 oxygen tanks (500cu. ft.) and  4 compressed air tanks (900cu. ft.) (could support two people for up to 7 days approximately)

TRAILER - Custom-Built, tandem trailer made to accommodate the retractable legs of the submarine,to allow for easy launching, trailering and transporting, with a standard hitch.

Comes with Operational Manuals, Instructional Diagram Manual, Life support and service Manual, Maintenance & Suppliers Manual





Model  # 3.15 (aprox. 11ft total length)

Rated For- 10 hp,  5 persons  825Lbs, or
                     (924lbs. persons motor & gear)

        Avon is built in Great Britain, it is the most durable & stable
inflatable made, it is the only company used by the Royal Navy.

        This inflatable has 3 air chambers
 ( 1 chamber will inflate the “V” bottom )

       The deck is made out of Rubberized Aluminum  hard floor
panels. The bow has a  no-mar pull ring, and the transom is
secured with an Avon Aluminum plate for mounting the motor.    
Attached to the hull are safety lines, grab handles and oar locks.
      The hull also has WEAVER Corp. stainless steel lock pins
attached to it, so it could be coupled up to the swim platform of the
support vessel  DEEP DIVE II.
        The Avon is powered by an - 8 hp Nissan outboard, 2 cylinder
motor (50:1 mix) with Forward, Neutral & Reverse. It has an  8.5
aluminum prop, and the motor weight is 54lbs. total.
        This motor is in ”as new” condition, and it comes with the 6
gal. fuel tank and fuel line.

This inflatable also comes with the oars, ropes, and safety gear.



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